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Context Team

Tatiyana Bell 2.jpeg

Tatiyana Bell has three kids, ages 5, 2, and 2 months. She joined DC NEXT! because she liked the idea of being able to help other teen moms and give her experience on what it’s like being a teen mom. Tatiana graduated from high school and is currently in college taking criminal justice classes.

Tatiyana Bell


Na'Kyea Plowden is a full-time student at Ballou and full-time mom. She had her son Messiah on July 7th, just a few months after turning 16. She joined DC NEXT! to learn how to communicate when it comes to the needs of herself and her son, and to hear from and help other teens going through experiences similar to her own. Her favorite part of being involved in DC NEXT! is the group discussion and working on the website to benefit parenting teens.

Na'Kyea Plowden

Raphael Bussey.jpg

Raphael Bussey has 3 children. He joined DC NEXT! to give a father’s input on how life is being a young dad living in DC, trying to raise kids and be an good role model for them.

Raphael Bussey

Shaune Smith headshot.jpeg

Shaune Smith has four young children. She obtained her high school diploma a few years ago and now lives in DC's Ward 8. She joined DC NEXT! to hopefully make the future better for the many young parents to come. 

Shaune Smith

Tahjai Pete.jpeg

Tahjai Peterson is a high school graduate who is now in college for medical assistance. She has a 1-year-old daughter. DC NEXT! interested her because it is dedicated to changing anything possible to help current and future teen parents. Tahjai likes how the program varies by age and features different stories from different generations. Everyone has the same focus and wants to make the necessary changes.

Tahjai Peterson


Na’Zyia Lashley is a full-time 4.0 student at Dunbar High School (Class of 2023) and the mother of her 1-year-old son, Za’Mir.  She joined the  Context Team to help out other teen parents who feel isolated and alone, not knowing where to go for support. As a new parent, she didn’t know much about any benefits/resources that can help her out  Context Team helped her find those things easily. Being part of the Context Team has also helped her improve her collaboration skills!

Na'Zyia Lashley


Yulisa Reyeros

La'Tia Taylor.jpg

La'Tia Taylor is a first time mother with a dream of becoming a social worker. She currently does peer work and is a homeschool teacher. She is goofy, but is very loving and supportive.

La'Tia Taylor

Alajah Henderson.jpg

Alajah Henderson is a 19 year old mother of her two-year-old son, Zy'aire. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her son and go shopping!

Alajah Henderson

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