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Where Young Parents Lead

The D.C. Network for Expectant and Parenting Teens is a collective innovation network empowering young parents to make healthy decisions

Using 6 guiding principles, DC NEXT! will: 
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Believe In and
Listen to Young People

center young parents and meet them as equals with their own expertise, resilience, and strengths.

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Build Trust, Transparency, Consensus, and Respect

share hard truths, prioritize connections, ask questions, and stay OPEN to each other's ideas for each other and their communities.

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Share Power and Cultivate Inclusive Leadership​

prioritize equity, seek to serve, and be inclusive of all young fathers and mothers. 

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Strengthen Collaboration

break silos and build
cross-sector relationships.

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Change Systems

challenge stigma, question the status quo, be anti-racist, and be led by evidence and data in all areas, including our policy, practice, culture, and norms.

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Be Relentless

move forward with urgency, push each other, and believe in success. 

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