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Where Young Parents Lead

The D.C. Network for Expectant and Parenting Teens is a collective innovation network empowering young parents to make healthy decisions


January 2024 Young Parent Well-being Report 
All Young Families Thriving: A Well-Being Survey of Expectant and Parenting Youth in the District of Columbia 
This report highlights that young parents are deeply motivated, and with the right wraparound support, they are ready to push forward and pursue their goals. Their parenting is unflagging, and they make choices that place parenting at the center of their lives. It is not “one thing” that makes for healthy, vibrant young families—it is a constellation of resources, family, friends, know-how, and resilience. Early investments in young families will bear dividends across generations.


2023 Childcare for Young Parents Report 

This report centers the voices of young parents to increase utilization of child care subsidies in the District of Columbia. Young parents are a deeply motivated population who, with the right wraparound support, are ready to break the cycle and move from poverty to prosperity. The report details six key findings from design team interviews with young parents and child care providers, and concludes with six recommendations for consideration.


Pilot Young Parent Well-Being Survey Report

In 2022, DC NEXT! distributed a first-of-its-kind Young Parent Well-Being Survey throughout Washington, DC. Over 200 young parents across the District completed the survey, providing us with rich findings highlighting where young parents are thriving, and where they are in need of systemic support. Read our findings at the 1-pager linked below!

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Using 6 guiding principles, DC NEXT! will: 
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Believe In and
Listen to Young People

center young parents and meet them as equals with their own expertise, resilience, and strengths.

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Build Trust, Transparency, Consensus, and Respect

share hard truths, prioritize connections, ask questions, and stay OPEN to each other's ideas for each other and their communities.

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Share Power and Cultivate Inclusive Leadership​

prioritize equity, seek to serve, and be inclusive of all young fathers and mothers. 

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Strengthen Collaboration

break silos and build
cross-sector relationships.

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Change Systems

challenge stigma, question the status quo, be anti-racist, and be led by evidence and data in all areas, including our policy, practice, culture, and norms.

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Be Relentless

move forward with urgency, push each other, and believe in success. 

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